From the words of a kitty

I finally got to see Pirates Of The Caribbean 3 and let me just say it was awesome. One of the best yet! I love all three of them!! In fact, i loved the first one so much that i know all the words to the whole movie.


Johnny Depp is my favortie actor, i love all the movies he has done. Thats why i am looking forward to seeing Sweeny Todd when it comes out. Him and Tim burton make really good movies and i havent dislike a movie where both of them are in.

In other notes, i just finished playing Bullet Witch i loved that game. The cool thing about that game is her name is like mine, but she says it a differnt way. Also she kinda  reminds me of her. It wasn’t really a long game, it was kinda short. There where some twists in the game that i didn’t see coming and I loved using the magic! It would be really kool if they came out with a second one, because there was a friendship that was growing between two people in the game and I would love to see that grow.

thats all for now



2 thoughts on “From the words of a kitty

  1. silvercube says:

    bullet witch is a great game.
    thats all for now.

    -silver ^_^

  2. silvercube says:

    Hey, I made a top 10 on my blog. Look what I put on there!
    Miss ya already.

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