My music

Every week I am gonna start writing about a band I listen to. This way people who read my blog understand a little more about the music i listen to. The band for this week is………………*drum roll*


This band is from Tampa, Fl and have been around since 1999. Some of my favorite songs of them are, When the Sun Sleeps, You’re Ever So Inviting and It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door. They are known as a Christian band, but yet they are still a good band. When you listen to them they don’t seem like one, but a qoute from Spencer says”But at the same time I don’t like tacking God or the fact that we’re Christian onto something to sell more records. I don’t want just to be marketed as a Christian band because I think we go beyond that. Tags can be limiting.” 

The band inculdes:
Spencer Chamberlain – vocals
Aaron Gillespie – drums / vocals
Timothy McTague – guitar
James Smith – guitar
Grant Brandell – bass
Christopher Dudley – keyboards

Their latest cd that came out in 2006 is called Define the Great Line. It inculdes songs such as You’re Ever So Inviting and Writings on the Wall. If you like screamo music, you should listen to underOATH. They are a really good band and i see them lasting for years.

Stay tuned next week for a  new band


4 thoughts on “My music

  1. Silvercube says:

    Thats an awesome new feature for your blog, kitty!
    I’ve never heard of ’em before- but im guessing its a rock band ^_^

    very nice post!

  2. Alicia says:

    thank you silver:)

  3. silvercube says:

    You are welcome!
    Hey I wanna see a new picture of you with your new hairdo!
    Its black, right?

    I wanna see! : )

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