Follow The butterfly

Lat night i got the see the movie I Am Legend. I thought it was a really good movie and I loved all of it. Will Smith is one of my favorite actors and i love all the movies that he has down. There were parts that almost made me cry and some parts that made me jump. I would have to say this movie is one of my favorites for the year. To those who have not seen the movie, should go see it soon. This movie is a must see of the year.


2 thoughts on “Follow The butterfly

  1. Silvercube says:

    Follow the butterfly? 0.o

    Where does it lead?

    I am Legend features a doggie, a woman, a man, and a mute kid who does not talk. Will Smith is seen imitating Shrek, cuz you know Donkey rocks.

  2. Silvercube says:

    Its a nice picture!

    Sam is the dog’s name. Good doggie.

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