I went to go see this movie last night with my step dad..and OMG!!!! This movie is freaking awesome. Everything was good about the movie. The plot, twists and the action. There was nothing bad about this movie. There might be another after this, i was talking to my step dad and he thinks they  left it open for another one. There were only two things that annoying when i went to ge see the move. There were people talking throughout the move (i hate that sooooo much) and there was a family who brought AN INFANT and about a 3 year old to the movie. My question is who would bring an infant to a movie that has killing in it? I would never in a million years bring an infant to that movie.

Besides that it was a really good movie and everyone should go see it



One thought on “AVP R

  1. silvercube says:

    maybe i will see it.

    as you say “you made me tempted” lol

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