My T.V. Shows

I have decided to post all the tv shows, games, and movies that i love and have played throught the years of my life. First i will go throw the tv shows that I love to watch.

The first one I think is the best. They even had made a game after, which i thought was a good game. It was a very short game, but it was good.
Another good CSI, because of only one guy and that guy is Gary Sinsise. If they didn’t have him in it, i probably wouldn’t watch it.
CSI Miami
Here is my favorite spin off the first CSI. They have really good actors, and i love all the episodes. I have never hated a episode of it.
Without a Trace
Here is a really good show about missing people. I love this show and can’t get enough of it. My favorite person in the show is Anthony LaPaglia, who plays Jack Malone. He is the best one of the show, i think.
I LOVE THIS SHOW!! This is one of the most addictive show I watch. They have so many awesome characters and differnt plots. It is the best show to watch.
America’s Next Top Model
This is one of the best competion shows out there. I love some of the girls on there that try to be the best model. There is some drama on the show and some funny and crazy things that go on there.
How It’s Made
This is one of the coolest shows on the list, it shows you how things are made. Anything you can think of, they have showed how to make it. From Apple Juice to work boots. It is amazing how things are made, you would never think thats how there were made.
 Spongebob Squarepants
This is one of my favorite cartoons, i have watched it since it came out. I think Spongebob is one of the funniest shows out of the ones that are on now.
Dr. G:Medical Examiner
I love this show, because I wanted to do this when i was 17. I find it interesting to find out how people die, and how they find out. She is also one of the best medical examiners in my eyes and i love watching the show.
Dog the Bounty Hunter
I love this show because i love watching them catch people and i love watching them trying to find them. One of my favorites was when Dog was getting married and before the wedding he had to go get a guy.

thats it for now probably more shows to come later


One thought on “My T.V. Shows

  1. silvercube says:


    tyra is awesome.

    heroes good too.

    very nice post, alicia!

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