The Happycube #1


The first topic that the both of us are going to talk about this week is our favorite place to live at.

When i was around 16 I wanted to live in England because of all the rain. Now i have thought about and my favorite place changed because I want a place i  can actually live at. I have thought about it a long time and the place I have come up with is Kentucky. Kentucky is the most beautiful place I have been to. There is the Smokey Mountains you can go see and historical places like the Shakers. Shakers are the founders of Kentucky and you can go see the way they used to live.

You can also live in the country part and be very far away from your neighbors. Which is a very good thing because you can go outside your house and relax in peace. You don’t have to worry about your neighbors bothering you and hearing loud annoying music. If you want you can own horses and other farm animals and own a little ranch. Kentucky is a very good place to go when you retire and wanna get away from the busy and loud city life. It is also a place  to go if you want a relaxing, quiet vacation. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else, it is my favorite place to live at.

Here is the thoughts of “the cube” on his favorite place to live at.
The Cube Thoughts


2 thoughts on “The Happycube #1

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  2. silvercube says:

    Yay! Kentucky is right where my sister lives (Ohio), so you would not be far away ^_^

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