The Happy Cube #2

happycube.jpg picture by MasterKitty

After the first Happycube it took a while for us to think of a new topic. Then Juda came up with a new topic, writing about our favorite food. When i starting thinking about this topic it was hard at first. Then i remembered something that i could not live without. It is something that brings me back to my childhood and the memories i had with my grandma in Kentucky.




My favorite food of all time would have to be Chicken n Dumplings. I know probably to most of you that picture looks really gross but it is the best. My grandma used to make for me when i would visit her in Kentucky and my mom makes sometimes when i see her. I love it so much, and it cheers me sometimes when I’m sad. It is also a good thing to eat on a cold day out. It warms up your whole body, heart and soul. It is like a dinner mix into one, it has chicken, dumplings and some vegetables. I could not live without chicken n dumplings.

Here are the Cube’s thoughts on his favorite food



4 thoughts on “The Happy Cube #2

  1. silvercube says:

    looks more like oatmeal to me…

    but i do love chickan chickeen and doompooplings : )

  2. […] All of this food talking is making my tummy grumble with hunger. Anyways, to take a look at what my friend MasterKitty (Happy) wrote about her favorite food, please click here. […]

  3. Putzins says:

    My mom and meme used to make this, only it was called
    “Putzins”. It’s one of my favourite comfort foods.

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