Sponge Candy!



When I used to go to my grandmas on the holidays we would make the best candy in the world, sponge candy. Since i could remmeber my Granada would make this around Christmas time and i always got to help her. This is the hardest thing i have bake. You have to get it just right or the batch is ruined and you have to make another one. This is also the yummiest candy i have ever tried. The sponge part just melts in your mouth. If you ever need something for a holiday party or dinner try making sponge candy and see how the people react to it. It is also not a very popular treat, all the people i have talk to have never heard of it.  Those people that have heard of it love it. So if you haven’t had it before, i suggest you go out and try it.



4 thoughts on “Sponge Candy!

  1. silvercube says:

    That looks delicious. What exactly is the sponge? Is it like Sponge cake?
    I want some. : )

  2. Candyman says:

    Sponge Candy is a regional candy most often found in Buffalo – Rochester – Erie but can also be found at other scattered candy stores around the Great Lakes and in the Mid-West. There’s a number of Internet sources – just search “sponge candy” in your favorite search engine. My favorite is http://www.SpongeCandy.com – then I might be a little biased since I’m the candy maker 8)

  3. AnObserver says:

    There’s a description of Sponge Candy at http://www.SpongeCandy.com but the best thing to do is try it….

  4. grace says:

    I’d love to make this!

    Where I live, in Canada we have a candy bar that is exactly like this, sponge toffey covered in chocolate. It’s called a Crunchie.

    You used to be able to buy just the sponge toffey without the chocolate…not sure if you can still or not

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