The HappyCube #3

Sorry for the long wait….but fear no more the third Happycube is here.

happycube.jpg picture by MasterKitty

This weeks topic is, if you could make a super hero what would it be and some of their powers.

My Superhero is EmoKitty!


She goes around and shares the power of music to everyone. She loves music and the happiness it can give to people. It helps the out of depression and get through the stressful days that we face. She also fights for the rights to be yourself and never surrender and act like people want you to act. She also loves going to over to her friends house and playing her Xbox 360 and playing DDR.

Here is the awesome “Cube” and his idea on his Superhero.



5 thoughts on “The HappyCube #3

  1. […] see what Masterkitty had to write about this topic, please click here. Posted by silvercube Filed in HappyCube Tagged: silvercube care bear, the […]

  2. silvercube says:

    I love this article! 5 stars πŸ™‚

    Silvercube Care Bear and Emo Kitty are best friends^_^

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