The Happycube #4


This weeks topic is “If you could marry a video game character who would it be?”

I thought about it a long time and the character I would pick is Cloud from FFVII.

Now people are probably thinking why choose cloud. Well, he is a very protective guy and when someone that he cares about is in trouble he will do anything to save her. He is very cute and knows what he is fighting for. He never backs down from a fight and always gets what he wants. When he wants to be he could be very romantic and surprising. Out of all the games I have played he is the best one to pick.

Now to see who my Sidekick pick click here.


3 thoughts on “The Happycube #4

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  2. silvercube says:

    I liked this 🙂

    Protective guys are nice.

  3. silvercube says:

    i like the new layout.. i will send you the message tomorrow.. to tired right now.. long day : )

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