The Happycube #5

In light of the new maps coming out for Halo 3, we thought it would be a good idea to write our topice about this.

This weeks topic is if you could design a Halo 3 map describe what it would be.



My map would be a mixture of Foundation and Midship of Halo 2. It would be human ship with lots of rooms you can hide in. In the center if the map there would be tons of things you can blow up and use to you advantage to destroy your enemy. Also in the rooms there will be some boxes so you can block the entry way incase you are playing or don’t want anyone in the room with you. Just like Midship it will have gravity lifts so you can get up to place where you can snipe people. It would be a fun map to play such games as zombies and hide and seek.

Lets see what kind of map my buddy Silver would create.

Click here



3 thoughts on “The Happycube #5

  1. […] see what Happy wrote about her Halo map, click here. : ) Posted by silvercube Filed in […]

  2. silvercube says:

    I like you map idea : )

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