Happycube #6



This weeks topic, Sliver came up with and it is…”What is the most challening game you have ever played and why? Also has the ever been a game that you would not give up on because you knew you could complete it.?”

Of i had to pick any challenging game i have ever played i would pick Assassins Creed. It is one of those games that i couldnot pick up. It was even a little hard for my bf. I just could not get used to the controls of the game and that made the missions harder to complete. If the controls were a little bit easy to use, i would mind playing this game. Im not saying its a bad game, i just love to play games, that i can understand how to play. There is a lot of things you have to watch out for, like gaurds and things and that, you have to stealth a lot and i hate doing that. I am not very good at hiding, i like to be in the open with a lot of action going on.


Now there is a game that was hard to me but i would not give up on it. Its not the whole game thats hard, it is just a part of the game and that is the challenge mode on the DDR games. There is a section in the games where they give you a certain thing you have to beat. For example the notes can be upsaide down or you cant see them at the start. no matter how many times i couldnt beat i never gave up. Then after a while of trying one of them, you start to mesmerize the buttons and it becomes easier to beat.

Now to see What the “cube” pick click here



2 thoughts on “Happycube #6

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  2. silvercube says:

    Lol! Funny picture : )

    Yeah… Assassin’s Creed no fun!

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