I miss you

I have been thinking about what to post on my blog, so i decided to start posting my poems once a week.
I hope you like them.

 I miss you 

Why did he have to go away?
I guess he didn’t want to stay
I miss his big smile even if it lasted for a while
I wish the was a big dream
So I can wake up and scream
Because this is a nightmare
If he knew how much everyone did care
but now he is gone
And there is less fun
It’s hard to lose a friend
But this is not the end
Because I won’t even look at the the knife
I couldn’t stand losong all my friends
Will this pain ever end?
I think about him day and night
When I dream I’m in fright
Because in my dreams I see him looking at me
That is something I can’t stand to see
When i walk into the bathroom, I think of him
I close my eyes and the lights go dim
Then i think of the fun we had
And then i get mad
Because there are people who said they knew him
And that makes me want to hurt them
Because there were lying and trying to be cool
But ended up acting like a fool|
And some probably don’t care
And they weere never there
I remember the first time we met he was funny
He laughed when I poked his tummy
And now things will not be the same
Now everything i do feels lame
He would cheer me up when I was sad
Or calm me down when I was mad
He was fun and cool to hang out with
Now I ask myself “What if?”
What if he had stayed?
And all the things would have made
in his life and accomplish his dreams
PLEASE! let this end my screams
He was one of my best friends
And that will never end



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