The Happycube #8

Here is another round of the famous Happycube. It took a while for it to get posted thanks to my wonderful ex step dad anyways.

The topic we have came up for is “If you could live in any time period which years would you pick and why?”If i had to pick any time period to live in it would have to be the renaissance period. i would have to say it was my favorite period to learn about in school. Renaissance is french for “rebirth.” It describes all the intellectual and economic changes that happened in Europe from the fourteenth century to the sixteenth century. It was also when the artistic, social, scientific, ans political thought turned into a new direction.



There was also no worry about who had the best electronic or phone. there was no texting or anything like that. No problem with worrying about gas or worrying about your car. If you wanted to get somewhere you had to ride a horse or walk. This is also when the printing press came out  and there was a demand for more book. I would love to just sit there and listen to the music of that time

To hear what time period cube would live in click here!



2 thoughts on “The Happycube #8

  1. […] To see what my friend Alicia has to say about which time period she would live in, please click here. […]

  2. silvercube says:

    yay : )
    good job!

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