The Happycube #9

Yes! It is time for another happycube article. Last time we wrote about what time period we would love to live in. This topic is “If you could make any game, what would it be?” This one is almost like the one we did when we made a DDR game, but instead it is making our own original game.



If I could make any game in the world I would call it Emo World. Basically the game would be your character going around and doing simple little tasks. It would be like Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon but with a twist. You can get jobs like at the local record store, coffee shop or anywhere else. You would have a house that you can upgrade and buy stuff for. No, There will not be any cockroaches under the furniture when you move them around.

You can also go to concerts and listen to your favorite bands play. You can upload your own music for the concert part, and for music at your house. There will also be stores where you can get your hair done, buy clothes, get food, and tattoo shops. There is also an online section where you can go and play with your friends. It will be on the Xbox 360 and also the PC. You can bring them to your city or your friends can bring you to their towns. It will be a fun experience where you can meet a lot of new friends and have a blast with your new and old ones.

To see what kind of the “the Cube” would make click here!


2 thoughts on “The Happycube #9

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  2. silvercube says:

    lol at the cockroaches! XD

    very nice! i’d buy the game 🙂

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