The Happycube #10

Yes! It is time for another wonderful happycube article and this one is a special one. Why, you ask? Well this marks our tenth happycube article and I am very happy to do this with my good friend Silver.

The topic for this article is “On the hit T.V. Show Project Runway- Season 5, at this time of us writing what are your favorite moments of this season, as well as your favorite top four and who do you think the winning designer will be?”


First off i have a lot of favorite moments on this show. There is one when Suede starts talking in the third person. At first I didn’t really like it but then it grew on me. Another of my favorite moments was the recent episode where they had to make an outfit for a drag queen. There was a special appearance from Chris to help wit the challenge. He was from Season 4, he made it to the top four then was sent home. I also liked they very first episode where there went to a grocery store and made an outfit from the things you can find there.

My favorite four people I would have to say is Leanne, Suede, Joe and Terri. I like Leanne because through out the season, she has made very pretty. outfit. Exception was the one that she had to make with Blayne. I like Suede because he is funny and makes good outfits. I like Joe and Terri because I love the way they design their outfits and they haven’t annoyed me like a certain designer, like Blayne.

To who i think might win I am stuck between Leanna and Kenley. They are both really good designers. They also have very good taste and don’t go overboard on their outfits that they create. They are both strong on what they make and stick to what the challenge is.

I will start updating on the season, who wins the challenges and who goes home. Also if the people change on who i think is going to win this season.

To see what Cube thinks on his favorite moments and designers, click here!



2 thoughts on “The Happycube #10

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  2. silvercube says:

    Very cool! Are you really going to do more updates and stuff?

    This was a fun article ^_^

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