I Need Help

Walking around this dark room
With non direction of where to go
I need help
I need direction
I feel so empty
I wish someone could help me
And give me direction
I have tried so hard
But it seems it doesn’t matter anymore
Like I am stuck in one place
I feel like I am running for something that is not there
Something that I would have had once
But have lost it
I look around me and the light disappears
I run to try and chase it but it is not working
The faster I go so does the light
Am I supposed to be trapped in this darkness?
Tapped in this depression?
I sit down and curl up
and start to cry
Wondering when I go to sleep and wake up
Will the light come back to me?



One thought on “I Need Help

  1. Silvercube says:

    help is here for you in open arms πŸ™‚

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