Why so serious????

I just got one of my Christmas presents early and i got the movie The Dark Knight. I haven’t seen the movie until last night. This is one of my favorite batman movies to come out. I think all the people were right for the characters they played. Heath is now one of my favorite jokers along with Jack Nicholson. If anyone hasn’t seen this movie, i suggest you either rent it first or go buy it. I loved the story and all the action that was in it. I think it was a much better improvement for the movie Batman Begins. Which that movie (from what i have seen and what I have heard) was not a really good batman movie. Anyways, I really enjoyed the movie and I’m glad my wonderful fiance got me the movie!!!!!!


One thought on “Why so serious????

  1. silvercube says:

    My dad took a knife and sliced my mouth.

    And he said:



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