Seven Pounds

If I had to pick my favorite movie for the year so far, I would have to pick Seven Pounds. This has to be one of my favoite movies of all time. It is a sad movie towards the end, but it’s really good. I loved the story line and all the characters. They picked the right people to play them. I don’t really want to explain the movie, because I don’t want to give away any of the movie. For those who have not seen the movie, I sugegst you go out and see it.  It is one of those movies where you don’t really get the movie, until the end of the movie. It mad me cry at the end and that is saying a lot cuz it takes a lot for me to cry while watching a movie.



One thought on “Seven Pounds

  1. silvercube says:

    *crickets chirp*

    I still have to see this film. Looks like your pictures came back.
    Hope you are doing well. If I have some time, I’ll try and call you today (Wednesday). I have some more Math and Accounting homework that’s due today, I hope I get it done.

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