Awaken from the dead……

It has been a long time since I have wrote anything on my blog. My son who is now a very active one year old has taken up all my time and by the time I get some quiet time I am to tired to write anything. This past year has been really great to me while I have been living here in Ohio. Since I have been up here I have gotten married to the love of my life and watched my family grow stronger. I have build a strong relationship with my husbands side of the family and will be really sad when we have to leave them all and go back to Florida.

Now I am motivating myself to start writing on here. I love the writing about stuff I love and I love reading the comments everyone writes to me. So I am going to start writing a few posts a week, and hopefully increase it to one everyday. I know how my son has been growing and everything that has been going on, I know I will have a lot of stuff to write about.

In the next week I will have a lot more to write about……..
See you then…



One thought on “Awaken from the dead……

  1. silvercube says:

    I’ve missed you, your blog articles, and your presence on Xbox so much my friend!!

    Looking forward to seeing you around more often 🙂

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