The Last Airbender

Yesterday my husband, our next door neighbor and I went and saw the movie The Last Airbender. Ever since I saw the trailer I was excited to see this movie. I was a little worried about it, only because of the director of it. I mean don’t get me wrong, M. Night Shyamalan has made some good movies and some not so good movies. Also I love watching the animated series on TV and was hoping they stick to the story.

When decided that we were going to watch it in 3D because thanks to a glitch the tickets were only seven dollars instead of the regular price of ten dollars. If you have not seen the movie, DO NOT go see it in 3D, it is not worth the money. There really isn’t any 3D scenes in it except the beginning of the movie. It was one of those movies it was shot in 2D and then converted into 3D. I thought the story was really good and I knew everything that was going to happen. One of my main problems with the movie were the people they choose for the parts. I think they should of changed the prince of the fire nation and the brother and sister. I thought they did not look like the characters at all in the TV series. With everything else I thought it was awesome. The action scenes were really good, just wish with the 3D version it was a little better.

I would highly recommend people go out and see this movie, and kids will love this movie. Especially if they watch the TV series. I can’t wait for the next one to come out!


One thought on “The Last Airbender

  1. silvercube says:

    I like the blog theme – the place to leave a comment is in a cool place. The colors are very fresh.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the film- yeah his films are all over the place.
    Films I saw he directed:

    Sixth Sense: Loved.
    Unbreakable: Not bad, but strange and slow-moving.
    Signs: I don’t really like Mel Gibson, only watched a few minutes of it and was bored.
    The Village: I thought this film was okay.
    Lady in the Water: Weird but interesting.
    The Happening: Disturbing film that kept me intrigued, liked it quite a bit.

    Not really into the Avatar anime series and I saw the trailer and it looked okay but Toy Story 3 you’ll probably like much better I bet. I loved Toy Story 3.

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