Hello Mr. Rollbotto

Before our movie, me and the hubby got to go out to dinner. I was not sure where I wanted to eat and neither did he. Then I remembered this one place that he told me about right next to one of his job sites. It was called Rollbotto and is now one of my favorite places to eat!!


Now before I begin, you need to know this one thing. I LOVE sushi, I mean, I LOVE IT!!!. A few years ago, I got my hubby into it, so now he loves it to.  When I walked into this place,  I was so happy.


This is what I saw....

This is what I saw….

This place is amazing, so much sushi, I had no idea where to start. They had signature sushi, and they had it where you can make your own rolls. Whatever you wanted, as long as they had it you could have it on your sushi. The prices are reasonable and so many items to choose. Now I picked out the Japanese Bagel, which had smoked salmon, cream cheese, green onion, cucumber and sesame seeds. Also made a custom roll which I had white sushi rice, tuna, cream cheese, avocado, smelt roe, Japanese mayo, and eel sauce. Now, let me tell you the Japanese bagel was really good but my custom one was AMAZING!

There are so many different items to choose from, the options are endless. The prices are reasonable and somethings can add up. There are add on items and tons of different drinks to pick. The hubby got shrimp pot stickers that were really yummy. If you love sushi, I would definitely go to this place. I can’t wait to go again.



Sponge Candy!



When I used to go to my grandmas on the holidays we would make the best candy in the world, sponge candy. Since i could remmeber my Granada would make this around Christmas time and i always got to help her. This is the hardest thing i have bake. You have to get it just right or the batch is ruined and you have to make another one. This is also the yummiest candy i have ever tried. The sponge part just melts in your mouth. If you ever need something for a holiday party or dinner try making sponge candy and see how the people react to it. It is also not a very popular treat, all the people i have talk to have never heard of it.  Those people that have heard of it love it. So if you haven’t had it before, i suggest you go out and try it.