The Happycube #10

Yes! It is time for another wonderful happycube article and this one is a special one. Why, you ask? Well this marks our tenth happycube article and I am very happy to do this with my good friend Silver.

The topic for this article is “On the hit T.V. Show Project Runway- Season 5, at this time of us writing what are your favorite moments of this season, as well as your favorite top four and who do you think the winning designer will be?”


First off i have a lot of favorite moments on this show. There is one when Suede starts talking in the third person. At first I didn’t really like it but then it grew on me. Another of my favorite moments was the recent episode where they had to make an outfit for a drag queen. There was a special appearance from Chris to help wit the challenge. He was from Season 4, he made it to the top four then was sent home. I also liked they very first episode where there went to a grocery store and made an outfit from the things you can find there.

My favorite four people I would have to say is Leanne, Suede, Joe and Terri. I like Leanne because through out the season, she has made very pretty. outfit. Exception was the one that she had to make with Blayne. I like Suede because he is funny and makes good outfits. I like Joe and Terri because I love the way they design their outfits and they haven’t annoyed me like a certain designer, like Blayne.

To who i think might win I am stuck between Leanna and Kenley. They are both really good designers. They also have very good taste and don’t go overboard on their outfits that they create. They are both strong on what they make and stick to what the challenge is.

I will start updating on the season, who wins the challenges and who goes home. Also if the people change on who i think is going to win this season.

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The Happycube #9

Yes! It is time for another happycube article. Last time we wrote about what time period we would love to live in. This topic is “If you could make any game, what would it be?” This one is almost like the one we did when we made a DDR game, but instead it is making our own original game.



If I could make any game in the world I would call it Emo World. Basically the game would be your character going around and doing simple little tasks. It would be like Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon but with a twist. You can get jobs like at the local record store, coffee shop or anywhere else. You would have a house that you can upgrade and buy stuff for. No, There will not be any cockroaches under the furniture when you move them around.

You can also go to concerts and listen to your favorite bands play. You can upload your own music for the concert part, and for music at your house. There will also be stores where you can get your hair done, buy clothes, get food, and tattoo shops. There is also an online section where you can go and play with your friends. It will be on the Xbox 360 and also the PC. You can bring them to your city or your friends can bring you to their towns. It will be a fun experience where you can meet a lot of new friends and have a blast with your new and old ones.

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The Happycube #8

Here is another round of the famous Happycube. It took a while for it to get posted thanks to my wonderful ex step dad anyways.

The topic we have came up for is “If you could live in any time period which years would you pick and why?”If i had to pick any time period to live in it would have to be the renaissance period. i would have to say it was my favorite period to learn about in school. Renaissance is french for “rebirth.” It describes all the intellectual and economic changes that happened in Europe from the fourteenth century to the sixteenth century. It was also when the artistic, social, scientific, ans political thought turned into a new direction.



There was also no worry about who had the best electronic or phone. there was no texting or anything like that. No problem with worrying about gas or worrying about your car. If you wanted to get somewhere you had to ride a horse or walk. This is also when the printing press came out  and there was a demand for more book. I would love to just sit there and listen to the music of that time

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The happycube#7

This time we decided to write about one of our most favorite games, DDR.

This weeks question is “if you could make a DDR game, what would it be like?”

This one took me a while to think about. If i could make a DDR game mine would have a lot of new things in it. First off i would take away the challenge mode and add something else like where all you had to do a few different kinds of combos together. In the quest mode you can customize you character in different ways and would be able to unlock new things for them.

Also in quest mode there will be new challenges to beat like playing bomb and attack instead of just score. There would also be a section where you can upload your own music from your 360 and add arrows to your favorite songs. There would be a freestyle mode where you can also upload your own music and dance to it. The workout mode would still be there and there would be different party games.

Some of the new party games would be like to have a race with your friend and having it where you and a friend are throwing a ball back and fourth and they way you would win is if the other person to mess up. There would be more faster songs and a lot more trance and rock music.

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Happycube #6



This weeks topic, Sliver came up with and it is…”What is the most challening game you have ever played and why? Also has the ever been a game that you would not give up on because you knew you could complete it.?”

Of i had to pick any challenging game i have ever played i would pick Assassins Creed. It is one of those games that i couldnot pick up. It was even a little hard for my bf. I just could not get used to the controls of the game and that made the missions harder to complete. If the controls were a little bit easy to use, i would mind playing this game. Im not saying its a bad game, i just love to play games, that i can understand how to play. There is a lot of things you have to watch out for, like gaurds and things and that, you have to stealth a lot and i hate doing that. I am not very good at hiding, i like to be in the open with a lot of action going on.


Now there is a game that was hard to me but i would not give up on it. Its not the whole game thats hard, it is just a part of the game and that is the challenge mode on the DDR games. There is a section in the games where they give you a certain thing you have to beat. For example the notes can be upsaide down or you cant see them at the start. no matter how many times i couldnt beat i never gave up. Then after a while of trying one of them, you start to mesmerize the buttons and it becomes easier to beat.

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The Happycube #5

In light of the new maps coming out for Halo 3, we thought it would be a good idea to write our topice about this.

This weeks topic is if you could design a Halo 3 map describe what it would be.



My map would be a mixture of Foundation and Midship of Halo 2. It would be human ship with lots of rooms you can hide in. In the center if the map there would be tons of things you can blow up and use to you advantage to destroy your enemy. Also in the rooms there will be some boxes so you can block the entry way incase you are playing or don’t want anyone in the room with you. Just like Midship it will have gravity lifts so you can get up to place where you can snipe people. It would be a fun map to play such games as zombies and hide and seek.

Lets see what kind of map my buddy Silver would create.

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The Happycube #4


This weeks topic is “If you could marry a video game character who would it be?”

I thought about it a long time and the character I would pick is Cloud from FFVII.

Now people are probably thinking why choose cloud. Well, he is a very protective guy and when someone that he cares about is in trouble he will do anything to save her. He is very cute and knows what he is fighting for. He never backs down from a fight and always gets what he wants. When he wants to be he could be very romantic and surprising. Out of all the games I have played he is the best one to pick.

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