A new way to renting movies

A while ago me and my fiance noticed this big red box at the entrance to the Wal-mart we always go to. When leaving we decided to look at what it was. It was a machine for renting DVD’s. They have a collection of new releases and other movies. We decided not to rent one because it has to be returned the next day by 9 P.M. and we didn’t have the time for that.

So this weekend we decided to try it because they had the movie Wanted.(see post below) It cost about $1.07 to rent the movie and you have to bring it my 9 p.m. the next night. If it is not brought back they charge you a dollar a day until the movie is brought back. After 25 days the charges stop and the movie is now yours. I think it is a great way to rent movies, because it is easy to rent. Just pick out a movie and swipe a debt or credit card and your done. You don’t need a membership or it cost cheaper than renting a movie from places like Blockbuster and Hollywood Video. If you want to see the closet one to your house you can go to their website and search, they also want movies they have available at the red boxes.

Their Website


Sock and Awe

A lot of you may seen the video where President bush is getting shoes tossed at him from a journalist. Well now you can do it yourself, there is a web-site where you can throw shoes at our President. You have about 30 seconds to throw as much shoes as you can at him. They have kept a total of how many shoes have been thrown at him. You can also send invites to your friends, so they can join in the fun. It is a little, fun thing to do to pass the time. LOL!!! Below is a link to the site where you can play the game. So far 43,887,336 shoes have been thrown at him. They also have the top 25 countries that have been on the site. Here is the top 10.

1. United States
2. France
3. Australia
4. United Arab Emirates
5. Saudi Arabia
6. Turkey
7. Egypt
8. United Kingdom
9. Germany
10. Pakistan

The Website

From the words of a kitty

I finally got to see Pirates Of The Caribbean 3 and let me just say it was awesome. One of the best yet! I love all three of them!! In fact, i loved the first one so much that i know all the words to the whole movie.


Johnny Depp is my favortie actor, i love all the movies he has done. Thats why i am looking forward to seeing Sweeny Todd when it comes out. Him and Tim burton make really good movies and i havent dislike a movie where both of them are in.

In other notes, i just finished playing Bullet Witch i loved that game. The cool thing about that game is her name is like mine, but she says it a differnt way. Also she kinda  reminds me of her. It wasn’t really a long game, it was kinda short. There where some twists in the game that i didn’t see coming and I loved using the magic! It would be really kool if they came out with a second one, because there was a friendship that was growing between two people in the game and I would love to see that grow.

thats all for now


My first Blog

Well i was never into blogging, untill my best friend Juda got one. Now i figured i would start one, so far i love it.^_^

Well there will be more news to come when i figure everything out…. lol