I know I haven’t posted in a while, I just haven’t had the time to. I have been thinking about what my next post should be about and I came up with a perfect idea. Since I am going to be a mother soon, i would write about some of the things I am going through and the random cravings I get.

So the first post is going to to be about one of my random cravings I have been getting and that it Cold Stone Creamery. It is an awesome ice cream place where you can choose from different favors like cake batter to originals like vanilla. They also have a lot of toppings like TWIX, Butterfingers’s and also gummy bears! They best part is there is so many different things you can put together, it never gets boring. Last time I went I got Dark Chocolate peppermint ice cream with Butterfingers. I know it sounds very interesting, but let me tell you it was very good. I like to pick out one of my favorite flavors and then pick and random topping that you will never think they would go together. At the end they always do!


I love this place and it has been one of my best friends during this pregnancy.