Big Changes

Right now my family and I are about to make some big changes in our lives. Right now we live in St. Petersburg, FL and in about 2 weeks we are packing everything up and going to Delaware. My dad side of the family live up there and it is going to be a fresh new start for everyone.

Also my blog will be making new changes. It is going to have a whole new look and new type of posts. Recently I have been couponing to try and help our family save money. I will be posting great deals and freebies. Also my great deals that I score.


I can’t wait to share this journey with everyone!


Till next time


Slowly coming back to life

My life has been super crazy. I have had a second child since my last post. His name isnDominic and he was born on February 7th, 2012. Since now I have a kindle fire, I would love to start posting again. So, in the next few weeks I will be updating and start posting stuff on here. Can’t wait to get back posting.

Have a great night everyone

Awaken from the dead……

It has been a long time since I have wrote anything on my blog. My son who is now a very active one year old has taken up all my time and by the time I get some quiet time I am to tired to write anything. This past year has been really great to me while I have been living here in Ohio. Since I have been up here I have gotten married to the love of my life and watched my family grow stronger. I have build a strong relationship with my husbands side of the family and will be really sad when we have to leave them all and go back to Florida.

Now I am motivating myself to start writing on here. I love the writing about stuff I love and I love reading the comments everyone writes to me. So I am going to start writing a few posts a week, and hopefully increase it to one everyday. I know how my son has been growing and everything that has been going on, I know I will have a lot of stuff to write about.

In the next week I will have a lot more to write about……..
See you then…



Empty and alone
With no place to go
Wondering if I will ever be happy again
Wondering if I will ever find that guy
The one that will care about me
And never hurt me
Someone that would treat me right
I walk alone and walk with my friends
I see how everyone is happy
Because they have someone
Someone that cares for them
My heart has been broken many times
and has been put back together
Wondering if it will stay like that for a while