The Easy Way Out

The glide of the blade
The tighten of a noose
The loading of the gun
The sound of the train coming
The light of the match
The start of a car
Standing on the edge of a bridge
Looking down a building
There are so many ways to go
But they end all the same thing
IT ends the pain
The pain that we can’t take
And we think there is no other way
Now the question is
Should I take that way out
or try to face the world?
I don’t have enough strength to face this world
If only I was with him
Then I could have enough strength
But without him I’m weak


My darkness

As i sit in this darkness
I wonder when I will be free
The place is dark and cold
It’s quiet
All you can hear are my chains
The chains hold me until a light comes
It’s been 100 years since I have entered this darkness
I have been waiting and counting the days
But it’s ok, the darkness will continue to consume me
Will anyone save me?
Release me from the chains that bind me
Release me from my pain and suffering
Heal the wounds on my heart
I look for the day when a light shines
And the light takes me away
Soon i will leave my darkness


I Need Help

Walking around this dark room
With non direction of where to go
I need help
I need direction
I feel so empty
I wish someone could help me
And give me direction
I have tried so hard
But it seems it doesn’t matter anymore
Like I am stuck in one place
I feel like I am running for something that is not there
Something that I would have had once
But have lost it
I look around me and the light disappears
I run to try and chase it but it is not working
The faster I go so does the light
Am I supposed to be trapped in this darkness?
Tapped in this depression?
I sit down and curl up
and start to cry
Wondering when I go to sleep and wake up
Will the light come back to me?



Everything seemed to be fine|
I felt like it was the old days
Everyone was so happy
And no one was sad
No one was mad at each other
And we talked every day
But I was wrong
On that day you asked me something
And I knew that it wasn’t going to turn out good
And I was right
I failed you again
And I am sorry
I can only hope
If you can forgive me



The Girl

A girl sits alone
looking at everyone that passes her by
She sits wondering where her life went wrong
Wondering where everything came crashing down
She starts to think about all the guys that has hurt her
Then she thinks about this one guy
The guy that shattered her heart
They guy who gave her lies
The one guy that said their relationship was suppose to last forever
Now she is all alone
with no one to hold her
No one to guide her
No one to give her comfort when she is sad
the guiding person that helped her is now gone
She is a lonely girl
Who has lost her father


Empty and alone
With no place to go
Wondering if I will ever be happy again
Wondering if I will ever find that guy
The one that will care about me
And never hurt me
Someone that would treat me right
I walk alone and walk with my friends
I see how everyone is happy
Because they have someone
Someone that cares for them
My heart has been broken many times
and has been put back together
Wondering if it will stay like that for a while

The Broken Angel

My heat is shattered
My wings are broken
i have no where to go
I am so lost and confused
i once had a light
But now that light is gone
I look down at the bloody razor
and then my arms
I am so numb i can’t feel the pain
then i relized what i have done
and start to cry
as the tears run down my cheek
i relize my tears are blood
then a rush of light is coming towards me
it is the guy i love
he just stands there and stares at me
then he comes out to grab my hand
As he does he brings out a sword
and then stabs me in the heart
then the broken angel dies…..